Monday, October 5, 2009

Real Vs. Fake Food.

I never thought that eating "food" would be so unhealthy for you. Especially when you are eating it every single day.  I have always been a coffee drinker, but it was never just black. It had the delicious creamers and the sugar. Oh the sugar. When I was younger I always used to drink coffee in the morning and my dad would put the real cane sugar in my coffee.  But after our most recent findings, "artificial sweeteners" have become popular.  Everywhere you go you see "artificial sweeteners".  The artificial sweetener is not different in smell or taste, but it has different textures and obviously different benefits.  Real sugar is grainy and is bigger in size, but the fake sugar is very small and it just looks pure white. There isn't any difference in the size of the "fake sugars" contents.  Fake sugar does not provide any essential nutrients/vitamins to us, it is actually bad for your health.  It is not equivalent to regular cane sugar.  I believe that any kind of "fake food" is not going to be very healthy for you or provide your body with the same vitamins/nutrients the regular food is going to give you (sugar really isn't a good example of what is good for you). It is even thought that "artificial sweeteners" may cause some form of cancer. When you eat in a restaurant it is so easy to be fed "fake food and you're not even aware of it.  Some of the reasons people today have fake sugar is because cane sugar is not cheap. Although I do still use regular sugar when I'm at home, it is so much more convenient to just find a little bag of "artificial sweetener" and put that into your coffee or wherever you're using it. I believe that if people really are aware of their health then cane sugar will come back around, I do not believe that everybody will go back to the regular sugar because of the economic downfall. Science even tries to prove to people that fake sugar is not healthy for you. In this article it explains how unhealthy the "artificial sweetener" is for your health.

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