Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First blog, ever!

Michael Pollan has made plenty of great arguments in such a short period of time. Just in four chapters he has convinced me of many things.
One of the arguments that caught my eye was when he started to talk about how "let food be thy medicine" and how people actually think that eating more unhealthy food, or more food in general will make them healthier. I agree with Pollan when he says that just because it's healthy food does not make it okay to eat a large amount of it. Another reason I agree with him is because there are points in some people's lives where eating is a way out of things or it is social, but that does not mean that it is healthy for them in any way. People in America are wondering why they are getting so fat and it is because of the unhealthy food choices they make while they are in social situations.
Another argument that struck me is when Pollan starting to talk about fast food and how it is effected our country. Kids are eating extremely unhealthy and it is risking their health. Not only is this effecting kids it is effecting American's all over. If American's continue to eat unhealthy and eat fast food every day they will end up with heart disease or cholesterol problems. I believe because the media is so convincing that everybody listens to them. Just because the juicy cheeseburger on television looks appetizing does not mean that it is healthy for you. I believe that when Pollan makes an argument about the bad food choices America makes he is dead on. Fast food is taking over our nation and it is making is extremely obese. He makes it very interesting for me while I was reading the book. Michael Pollan makes a great impression on food eaters in America in the first four chapters. I believe that Michael Pollan will make lasting impressions on people who read his book, this will teach people what it is like to actually eat healthy again.

Fast food is DANGEROUS!

In this blog the same points are being brought to the readers attention as Michael Pollan's book. I agree with this blogger and Michael Pollan when they say that fast food is dangerous for America. It only makes us fatter and does not make us healthy. Down the road many American's who eat fast food will end up with high cholesterol and or heart disease. I agree one hundred percent with both of these view points. People should not be feeding their children fast food every day and they also should not be eating it themselves.