Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fresh Food and Exercise

Availability of fresh food, exercise linked to healthy living, was about how grocery stores are not normally located near black neighborhoods and how there was more fast food around those neighborhoods also. Also the article talks about how having fast food restaurants around certain areas creates the obesity factor, which is why more blacks and latinos are obese. The article talks a little bit about how bad the health of colored children are becoming sick and also have less health benefits so they are more likely to have heart problems or cancer. Exercise is also incorporated in the article. There are many neighborhoods that do not have the areas for parents and their children to get exercise and lack of exercise is also jeopardizing health problems. Overall the article is pulling together how lack of grocery stores, and space is destroying our health, and how also too many fast food restaurants in certain areas are affecting lives.  
In this article, I was shocked when I read about the obesity rates going up. There are many poor neighborhoods who do not have the privileges to go outside and play because of the area around their house. Reading articles which talk about the poor and how they are so underprivileged compared to many Americans. I know for myself I am fortunate enough to be involved with a sport and stay thin and healthy. There are many children who's parents cannot afford to place them in a sport. 
Also in this article it is highly unfortunate there is not a grocery store close to the impoverished areas. The changes of diets and the eating of fast-food is obviously the trend of obesity. Experts say that, "Studies in the US and Canada have found neighborhood differences in the price and availability of food, with ‘healthier’ foods generally more expensive, and less readily available, in poorer than in wealthier communities". This ties into my argument perfectly because experts are finding that grocery store locations and fast-food availability has a high affect on the poor people.