Thursday, October 29, 2009

100% Juice For 100% Kids?

When I was little I was either drinking Juice Boxes or Juicy Juice. And what better claims did the television make for the product. It was assumed to be 100% juice for 100% kids. But is that advertisement really correct? Is Juicy Juice really 100% juice. I always thought that Juicy Juice was a product to keep your body healthy and strong because of the advertisement on t.v.  But I never looked into the facts or understood what good or bad nutrition was. I always thought Juicy Juice was good for you when I was younger, but when I grew more aware of the situation of nutrition today, I began to wonder, is there really no preservatives added to the beverage. As I reached into some research on the Juicy Juice website and found that an expert Dr. Yinka Davies, Pediatrician said that "In order for a product to be labeled juice it must contain 100% juice. If a product has less than 100% juice it will be labeled as either a 'beverage', 'drink' or 'cocktail'" So assuming that Juicy Juice's label says 100% juice makes claims that this product really is 100% juice. So basically what you see with this product you get. When mothers are looking for juices for their children experts recommend to look for the 100% juice on the label to make sure there is no concentrate or cocktail added. When I looked up the nutrition label of Juicy Juice there were only 4 items in the juice and I remember Michael Pollan saying if there are less than 5 items in the product than you have the green light, the product is safe to eat/drink. 

There are different types of Juicy Juice that mothers are really questioning. Such as, Juicy Juice Brain Development which is supposed to boost your toddlers brain quicker and at earlier stages. Sheila Innis, who is the director of the nutrition research program at University of Columbia Vancouver, says "it's plausible that products like this could be useful in children that don't eat much fish". She agrees with the Juicy Juice company that their product may have the same chemicals that can help a child grow healthier and smarter.

I would recommend this product because experts are saying Juicy Juice is really 100% juice and the Juicy Juice Brain Development has many resources to helping children. This product seems to be advertised just right and mothers should buy the juice for their children to drink. It's delicious and healthy for young and older humans. 

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